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Clothing can make or break a photo session. But no pressure! More than likely, the items recommended below will already be in your closet.  And if you need any additional help, you can always contact Nicole here


1.) Choose clothing that you feel comfortable wearing. If you are not comfortable for any reason, it will most likely show in your photos, and that's not what we are going for!
2.) Choose clothing that is solid in color (except plaid and small floral patterns - these are okay!!)
3.) Color palette : Earth tones! Dark olive, forest green,  brown, gray, mustard yellow, and cream are a few of my favorites. Please stick to the following color palette the best possible. If nothing else, just no neon colors, please! 

Choose 3 - 4 colors from the above color palette recommendations and avoid matching completely.

For example, mustard yellow and navy blue are beautiful together - avoid matching completely by having one family member wear a navy dress and the other wears a mustard yellow shirt and jeans.
Mix it up! 

Some other tips:
Dress casually. Some of the best photographs are in flannel, jeans, and barefoot.

Layer your clothing. Bring a sweater to layer. Take layers off during shoot to create variety in your images.
Think textures, too, like a knitted scarf or hat.

Autumn goes great with boots and plaid. In the springtime, floral crowns and dresses!!

Linen/heirloom clothing is one of my favorites!

If you are wanting new clothing for the shoot, here are some great sites that align with the tips mentioned:

**Also, you can usually find some cheaper, everyday options at Old Navy. A lot of their clothing line is full of solid colors, small patterns, and free of logos at decent prices. Some Goodwills also organizes their clothing by color.**


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